Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TCA 2016 - Tuesday


-the engine is still broken...
- all the skinny popcorn is gone:(
-Rose Delph took an unfortunate tumble, but recovered in a moment's
- Davis, Mr. Williamson, and Callie Orten have also had unfortunate
falls..... RIP plastic chairs
-Macey Walker, challenged in a soda chugging competition, failed
- Haley Kate Patterson vs. mud... mud pulled through with a victory
-Three sweet girls have not failed to be locked in the shower every
night thus far
-Another sweet soul endured this pain, but in the end was rescued by
the removal of the bathroom door
-Shoutout to Julia Eggleton for waking up an entire village with her
sleeping talking
- from the wise words of Max Merrifield, "Moist towelettes"

BUT... all is well:-)

Thankfully we were able to experience a full day because the boats
actually made it on time. Poppy Eriksen, at first misunderstanding the
secret conversation between the translator and a Brazilian woman, was
pleasantly surprised when the woman returned with a beautifully hand crafted
necklace for her. Caitlin Hickney and Lili Figueroa made sweet connections
with teen girls and broke the language barrier through laughter and
relatable teenage conversations. Mr. Woodward and others were encouraged by
the Brazilian men who, unlike the majority of the village men, stepped up as
fathers and spiritual leaders. Caroline Pierce had the courage to share her
testimony in front of not only our entire team, but the entire village.
Caitlin Hickney and Travis Harrison emotionally portrayed the roles of God
and man, and no matter what sin we think separates us, God overpowers all
with love. Jack Bolton was uplifted by the dedication of Mr.Henegar to his
job as a dentist, despite the amount of blood seen. Ethan and Max Merrifield
were introduced to a new perspective of contentment through simple games of
hacky sack and silly songs sung at VBS. Dr. McFerren made it a priority to
not only mend the physical needs of the villagers but to more importantly
check up on their spiritual well-being. To say the least, we were all
encouraged by the hope and spiritual maturity of the Brazilians in the
village today. We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our team
and the villagers tomorrow! Please keep us in your prayers, and if at all
possible send more skinny popcorn.

Three sweet girls still stuck in the shower

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