Wednesday, July 15, 2009

07-15-2009 Heights Baptist Update

Greetings from the Amazon River!
Yesterday we visited 2 villages, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We had some professions of faith in both villages.  Neither one had been visited by a boat before and were native indians of the region.  All ministries have been running well.  Bugs have been plentiful and an abundant distraction, so please continue to pray. :)  The entire team: translator crew, boat crew, Americans are all working collectively in this ministry effort and it is a blessing beyond words to see the body of Christ in action.  We are all feeling well, a few have had minor intestinal upset.  Had some wonderful share time this evening.  We will see one village tomorrow (Thursday) and another on Friday morning before we head to Manaus.  We're looking forward to sharing all our stories in person.  Please continue to pray for safety on the river and more changed lives.  We miss you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Heights Baptist Church Alvin, TX Update

Heights Baptist Church Alvin, TX Update

Yesterday was the first day in a village called Borba which was a larger city where Pastor William ministers. We provided medical, dental and VBS for the church members during the day and gave testimony and worship in their church service that evening. Today we went to our first village, Espiritu Santos (which means "Holy Spirit"). This village had not been visited by a boat before and adjacent villages came to participate in our ministries, whereby many lives have been touched and professions of faith made. All glory to God. So the town lived up to its name "Holy Spirit" because the Holy Spirit was moving there. We are spending the night in a cove where we are surrounded by the 4 other villages that we will visit over the next week. Please pray for lives to continue to be changed, on and off the boat, and pray for our continued health and perseverance with the humidity and bugs. Blessings from us all...we miss you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heights Baptist Church Alvin, Texas Mission Team

 successfully arrived in Manaus at 12am. We were on the boat and set sail by 2am. We have had a leisurely day on the river recovering from travel and organizing our resources. No illnesses, everyone is doing great. We are picking up a local pastor tonight and starting ministry tomorrow morning. We have an additional dentist and a doctor on board. All baggage received and got through customs without incident. We are excited to start ministry tomorrow. Love to all at home.