Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas trip

Hello to our long lost and probably frustrated family members and friends from the Amor e Esperanca!  Please forgive us, but we have been very busy with our AMAZING AMAZON Adventure.  The Lord put all the right people together, and has continued to amaze us and show us His Loving Hand in all that we are doing and all that we have experienced! Supplies seem to multiply like the fishes and loaves!  We arrived very late, and spent the next day regaining our strength, organizing and packing bags.  Friday we visited three villages, Saturday two, and then went back for an evening service.  Sunday, it was anchors up and six hours further up the Amazon in time for a Sunday evening service in town.  This morning back to share the good news and deliver our gifts!  Serving with such pro's is such an honor, we have newbees dubbed "princesses" who have exceeded their own expectations!  And then there are the multi trip people!  All of us have definitely been learning and growing in many ways.  We have had laughs and tears! Mostly we are learning to give it over and completely TRUST IN HIM!  This is the first trip that Amazon Outreach has actually gotten the churches in Brazil that they are partnered with to have some of their group on the boat!  We have an amazing team of young Brazillians, who have enlightened this trip even more, as you can see such a raw, honest, and true love for the Lord in all that they say and Do!  To go into the villages and be welcomed with smiles and hugs and worship with people that also show the same raw and honest love of the Lord, words just can't describe.  There are definitely no language barriers when it comes to Jesus!  This has got to be the best Christmas EVER,and goes back to the true meaning of what we are celebrating!  Without the lights, trees, pretty wrapped packages and caroling! Which has been replaced with PRAISES TO HIS BLESSED AND HOLY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!