Saturday, March 5, 2016

TCA 2016 - Days 3 & 4

Bom Dia!

Bugs, bugs, and even more bugs, but besides that the past two villages have
been heavenly. On Wednesday, Kelsie Ferrell, was a big hit during women's
ministry as word got around of her hairdressing skills. During VBS, we were
all swooning as we witnessed JB Bowman and Colin Wiegand play with all the
little kids during morning VBS. It was so sweet to see them carry the girls
around, and in turn, watch the little girls adore them. Our whole group was
blown away by how welcomed we were in that village. As you can probably
guess, we have not won a single soccer game against the Brazilians. Yet.
That night, Kelsie Ferrell and Jessica Pitts shared their testimonies during
the evening service followed by a skit. Thursday, during morning VBS, the
kids enthusiastically swept us away to an impromptu boys vs. girls soccer
game. Junior, Poppy Eriksen, nearly took a little boy out in her
determination to score a goal. As Mr. Williamson so elegantly put it, "You
gotta do what you gotta do!" The girls unfortunately did not win even with
Poppy's gladiatorial drive. During the evening service, Madison Helms and
Caitlin Hickney shared their testimonies with the village. After our group
returned to the boat, we surprised our translators with a party to celebrate
their love and hard work this week. We each were assigned a translator to
serve during their dinner. It was a special time in which we each went up to
the microphone and spent a minute praising the translators for their
wonderful qualities. Best part of the night was eating queso again for the
first what feels like forever.

Melanie Marshall and Caitlin Hickney...

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