Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 3 - Castanho

MORALE IS LOW(for some)...
    So here's the run down..
    -Allison Jackson currently looks like a cooked lobster
    -Mr. Williamson's feet are the size of Brazil
    -Mr. Delph is suffering from a bad reaction of his malaria pill and the sun, resulting in feet even bigger than Mr. Williamson's
    -Cathy Jean almost passed out while attempting to aid Thiago in Dental care
    -Meredith Cole has two ulcers under her tongue but with the help of numbing medicine she's feeling great... well maybe she's not feeling anything but same difference!
    -Melanie Marshall is still shaking from dropping the alligator the previous night
    -Multiple people making fashion statements with socks and Chacos due to bubbling bulging blisters
    -EVERYONE has various bug bites scattered around their bodies oozing with unknown substances....(just kidding but they really do itch)
    -BUT............................................ no one has died:)
    -All of the oatmeal chocolate cookies have ceased to exist, therefore morale. is. low.
    Dear fellow viewers, tonight we will be explaining our journey into the deepest parts of the Amazonas river thus far.
        Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!! The sun rose this morning which I'm sure must have been very pretty if we had been awake to see it. Upon arriving at the village of the day, we were greeted by a stampede of eager children. So naturally VBS started off with a bang decorating cups, singing, and dancing. Women's ministry had a great turnout; from the perspective of Sherry Glosser and Milcah the women loved having the opportunity to be pampered with hair and nails. Despite the lopsided braids and poorly painted nails the women surely felt the love of the Lord through the sweet conversations they experienced. It was truly heartwarming to see women who have so little gain so much joy from these small acts of kindness. Poppy Erikson was led by Corey Page to the eye care clinic where she was deeply moved by the work of Mr. Woodward who was able to relate to the elderly men and form a relationship in which he was able to lead them to Christ. During door to door Jessica Pitts and Riley Crow amongst others had a moving experience in the home of a devoted Christian family, where with the help of a guitar, they were able to worship together in unity proving how big our God is.
     Meanwhile in the medical department Angel, Peyton Travis, Brooke Herman, Emily Parnell, and Macy Walker helped alongside Dr. Heber with the general health of the villagers. The most drastic case of the day was a young girl who had an ingrown earing needing to be lanced out. As she bravely held the hand of Brooke Herman this young girl barely even shed a tear not due to pain but due to the loss of her most prized earing. In the dental department Thiago, aided by Kenzie Glosser and Brooke Herman managed to make an incredible retraction of a very large and infected tooth of a 16 year old female. She was deeply moved by our gentle and loving hands inspiring her to join the service we gave later that evening. During this service Molly Legaband and Stephanie Woffard preformed the sin solution demonstration, Joey shared his moving testimony, and Mr. Wood elegantly and passionately shared the gospel and love of Jesus to the group of interested villagers. Some who were deeply moved repeated the prayer to accept Christ and then later received a New Testament from our team.
With love,
three junior girls  

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